At Avant Business Brokers, we do not use a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to selling your business. Our experienced business brokers are professionally trained to assist you through every step and follow an innovatively structured approach that’s designed to bring offers to the table, while maintaining confidentiality and most importantly minimizing business interruption. We understand the time, energy and resources you have poured into your business; so let Avant Business Brokers ensure you receive top dollar for your hard work.


Avant Business Brokers is one of NJ’s most experienced and established business brokerage firm in the tristate area. Now that’s a compelling statement... and that’s the kind of power you’ll see in action when you enlist our services. We’re experienced and qualified in every detail of assisting, negotiating and consummating a sale. “Be rest assured the sale is in just the right hands


Business Diagnostics Review : We understand what buyers want to see in a business and create a complete review of the financial, operational, marketing and other aspects of your business performance to identify and guide the implementation of actions that impact cash flow and value. This includes:

? A complete free, no-obligation consultation to identify key strategies and review financial, operational, marketing, and other aspects of business performance.

? Delivering an offering memorandum that highlights, organizes and documents the key features and attributes of the business.

Generate Value estimates

A deeper review to recast your business' financial statement, and identify a series of activities designed to improve marketability and value. The right deal is different for everybody and every business. In addition to delivering our professional opinion of value, we provide assistance with implementation of those activities through the ABB Alliance Partner Network and other resources.

Marketing Plan & Business Packaging

With an internal due diligence analysis, reviewing all possible aspects of concern to buyers, we explore how to tap our databases of appropriate buyers, private equity groups and corporate buyers to find the right deal for you. We understand how important internet marketing/promotions/strategies are and in addition to listing your business on the Avant Business Brokers website, we place your business advertisement on many more industry leading websites that buyers use so they can find information about your business.

Best offers from best buyers

From the pool of interested buyers, we narrow it down to those who appear to be serious, have the financial capacity to perform, and ultimately the best candidates for your business and solicit only the best offers from best buyers.

Intermediary, Due diligence & Closing

Conducting and recommending value enhancing opportunities and initiatives, we have so successfully been bridging the gap between buyer and seller and strive to prevent alienation between principals, and hold together transactions that otherwise may slip through the cracks. From start to finish, we will work as a team and assist you with the exchange of information with any accountants, attorneys and lenders, including closing documents and logistics, to facilitate a smooth transition.


Integrity and confidentiality has always been our forte. Business owners almost always do not want their employees, customers and competitors to be aware of the business sale. We have developed procedures with the maximum possible exposure while taking every effort to maintain confidentiality.

Combined Experience:

Avant Business Brokers utilizes seasoned deal makers pooling from their experience to bring you the best price in the shortest time possible. With our experience in varied services and established relationships with different professionals, we can recommend some of the most talented attorneys, accountants and tax consultants for legal advice, due diligence, general accounting, valuation and tax strategies.


Pricing is the most common barrier to successfully selling a business. But for various reasons, many brokers don't tell their clients the truth about what their business is worth. Instead, they sat what their clients would like to hear. This invariably will result in the sale process dragging on for numerous extra months. At Avant Business Brokers, we are upfront right from the beginning about the buyers’ needs and financial position, its pricing and other sensitive issues despite the fact that it might not be the news our clients want to hear. We always want to see our customers happy about their choice even after many years to come

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