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Buy a Master Franchise a Master Franchisee has the right to open or sell franchises in a designated geographic area. Click to see the Master Franchises currently available.


Buy a New Franchise

A franchisee has the right to start up one or more new franchise units. Click to see the New Franchises currently available.


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A franchisee has a right to sell the franchise unit after it has been in operation. Click to see the Existing Franchises currently available.

Featured Listing

  • A# : 9400
    Business Type : Service Company: Agencies, Printing, School, ETC
    State: New Jersey

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  • A# : 7267
    Business Type : Gas Station + Car Wash
    State: New Jersey

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  • A# : 7268
    Business Type : Gas Station, Car Repair, Service
    State: New Jersey

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  • A# : 8403
    Business Type : Commercial Building for sale, Commercial Building Lease
    State: Connecticut

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