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The team at ABB deliver an unparalleled business transaction experience whether you are buying or selling a business or/and real estate associated with the business business. ABB will always be your right choice.

Real Business opportunity & Business Sales advantage.

Trust our Track Record/ Experience/Expertise/Discretion/Partners

Having closed lots of transactions in the lower and higher mid-market, ABB brings the highest levels of precision, proficiency, and personalized service to each and every opportunity. ABB provides capital advisory and placement services to business owners, entrepreneurs and companies seeking asset based loans. ABB also being a licensed broker for the sale of commercial real estate ensures a seamless transaction for owners who have real estate associated with their business.

Our commitment to clients and ensuring their confidentiality is number one priority and we bill our clients based solely on success. We are highly selective in the engagements we accept, ensuring that every client is best positioned for success.

The ABB Affiliate Partner Network that is so diverse over the years is designed to put our clients in direct contact with the best available professionals they need to complete every activity related to the sale of their business, covering all areas of    



Business consulting scope


Before we partner with our clients, Avant Business Brokers completes an all-inclusive 360-degree review of the clients’ needs and ask all the easy and tough questions to provide recommendations for the best fit and the most profitable transaction for both the buyer and seller. An in-depth analysis and a customized approach is what we cater to each and every client.


Business sale Advantage

If you are doing business with Avant Business Brokers, you definitely are at an advantage of Opportunity for right price, right comparable, business sale planning, and chance to do due diligence documentation from start to end. given our proven track record for over years!

At Avant Business Brokers, we understand the concern about the price, but also about the value and hence set a realistic price that is built around a highly studied valuation process that comes from sheer experience and competency.

You have expertise in running your business, not selling it. Let Avant Business Brokers, the experts do it for you while you keep your business running smoothly and efficiently and not let your profits lesson while we are busy finding buyers. We want you to run your business efficiently when we are marketing your business, to keep its value up. Having completed many successful transactions and with a vast client database, we know how to get the job done so that you end up with a great deal.

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