Honesty, Integrity, Trust, and Character.


These values are what we strive for with each and every business transaction we perform for buyers and sellers of businesses and real estate in the New Jersey, Delaware and the Pennsylvania area.


With over years of combined experience and lots of completed deals, we are proud to be your trust brokerage. 



With over a years of combined experience, Avant Business Brokers is a full service main to mid-stream Business Brokerage, assisting all types of companies - from Main Street Start-up Businesses to well established Middle Market public and private entities.


Proud of our heritage, expertise in consulting, financing and local market reach and popularity, we are committed to provide the best in brokerage services and assist business owners not only to maximize, but ultimately realize enterprise value. We as a company work towards the goal of competently and confidentially serving clients and our solid background in this industry makes us an invaluable resource that business owners find helpful to navigate the complicated and ever-changing marketplace.


As a business broker, we have the best people, process & marketing working for you and we’ve taken great care in creating a reputation that will carry us successfully through the 21st century.





Our management philosophy is focused on principles of honesty, integrity, and lofty standards of professional ethics. Confidentiality and competency have been fundamentals we have lived by and is the cornerstone for our success.


Avant Business Brokers Team

Our dedicated team of Brokers and Agents, working to provide professional, personal services to small-to-mid-sized Businesses. Recognizing the quality of our broker agents and staff, we strive to retain professional associates who have the education, experience, and most importantly desire to serve our clients.


Give back to the community

We judge our success not only by financial outcome, but also by our contribution to the society which gives us a true sense of achievement and we believe that our lives’ work should have a significant impact on the lives of others.

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    Business Type : Gas Station + Car Wash
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    Business Type : Restaurants, Luncheonettes, Sandwiches, Pizza, Steaks
    State: Delaware

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    Business Type : Restaurants, Luncheonettes, Sandwiches, Pizza, Steaks
    State: New Jersey

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  • A# : 8903
    Business Type : Service Company: Agencies, Printing, School, ETC
    State: New Jersey

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